[:es]Accesibilidad y movilidad doméstica[:en]Accessibility and mobility in the home

Accessibility and mobility in the home

Accessibility and mobility at the home

Automation Roma has different solutions to overcome architectural barriers and travel safely, independently and comfortably.

Our options grant full independence to people with disabilities, adding value and prestige to the property.

We offer different solutions according to your needs:

  1.   Elevator
  2.   Vertical lifting platform
  3.   Platform stairlift
  4.   Stairlift seat
  5.   Portable track

  • S10

    Plataforma con sistema de elevación de tornillo sin fin para una altura máxima de 2.99m, resolviendo los diferentes recorridos máximos con 5 modelos adaptados. La plataforma S10 garantiza la elevación vertical para cada exigencia, tanto para la familia y la casa como para el discapacitado en silla de ruedas. Ver detalles del producto  

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  • Ischia

    Transport system for sitting person with a straight guide and constant slope. Thanks to its unique technology is distinguished by its thinness, comfort and strength. Great versatility and minimum size, available for both internal and external installations. Designed to offer minimum dimensions in both cases. From Italy. Product details  

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  • Capri

    For mobility in the home offers comfort and quality thanks to its unique technology and the guide curve, the distinction of being solid and elegant compact. Installs easily, minimizing the mounting operations. Great flexibility, allowing installation both the exterior and the interior of the rail. Very small. Product Details

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  • T06-Confort

    Mobile stair lift, light and safe, for people who have difficulty driving for driving on stairs. Ideal for narrow stairs with landings small, spiral staircases. Easily disassembled and transported in the trunk of the car. Product Details

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  • T09-Roby

    Moving elevator stair crawler, which allows people in wheelchairs to overcome barriers in the vertical displacements, both domestic and external, safely, reliably and without any fixed installation. Easily disassembled and transported by car. Product Details

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  • Silver

    Platform lift system worm to a maximum height of 1m. Easy installation and safe use of this system are adequate to ensure freedom of access to all types of buildings, private and public homes and residences, ensuring he moves on wheelchair mobility with full autonomy. It features stainless steel frame, very careful design. Product Details

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  • Steppy

    The platform scissor lift system, is the ideal solution to ensure access to housing and residences as both private and public structures. It can be used for installations in existing buildings such as new construction, as well as interior or exterior. Provides greater versatility with 22 different configurations, with slopes reaching up to 2 meters. […]

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  • Easy Living

    It is an extremely versatile hydraulic lift, 100 opportunities for customization, to suit all aesthetic choices. Suitable for both indoor facilities and outdoor housing built. Fast installation without need for invasive masonry works. Product Details

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  • Easy Lift

    With lift system auger, is perfect for all types of public environment. It’s safe, quick to install both inside and outside and highly customizable. Open or closed cabin. Product Details

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  • Easy Move

    Linkage suitable for both public and private structures to wheelchair users who choose this solution to move between floors in their home. Comfortable, quiet and customizable in terms of their functionality and their endings. Product Details

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  • E06

    With hydraulic lifting system, reliable and widely experienced. Indoor or outdoor installation in both new construction and restructuring. It does not require execution of masonry. WIDE CABIN E06 to load portaliteras, stretchers, etc.. Product Details

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  • V65

    Access to all public or private places safely. The stairlift with wheelchair platform V65 is a solution with curved guide (suitable for several flights of stairs), ideal to be practical and safe. Reliable and resistant is suitable for both internal and external facilities, thanks to its technical characteristics, to ensure maximum durability and performance even […]

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  • V64

    Transport system for people in wheelchair track straight and constant slope. Access to all public or private places with full security and autonomy. It requires no intervention at the architectural level in the existing structure or alter the design style.

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